Alison Bohlander
October 2018
Intensive Care Unit
Renown Regional Medical Center
United States




Alison Bohlander went above and beyond for a family. She has been a charge nurse in the Trauma ICU for years. Recently, a patient suffered a traumatic brain death injury. This happened during a car accident which also killed his grandparents two days after a family wedding on the way back to Reno. The only solace left for the family was knowing their son would be able to donate his organs, especially his heart so that someone else could live on. Due to a technical limitation, his cardiac echo was read as abnormal meaning the family would not be able to donate his heart and possibly other organs.

Although trained in surgery and trauma, Alison was experienced enough to know he should have had a normal heart. Alison then alerted the care team and made sure this patient had a further test which confirmed he, in fact, had a normal heart. Because of her experience and knowledge, this family was able to have a small moment of joy in the midst of their extreme tragedy. Most nurses would simply have accepted the first echocardiogram and gone about their day, however, Alison is not a normal nurse. It is because she is willing to go the extra mile that this patient’s heart went to the third person on the heart transplant list, the first male. Because of her influence, another family, somewhere in need of a new heart, will also have their lives changed through this tragedy. This exemplifies the core values of Renown and the nursing profession.