Alisha Clemons

Alisha Clemons, BSN, RN

Saint Joseph Mount Sterling
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
United States

Boy, talk about a wonderful nurse and Guess what? She works right here at SJMS. Her name is Alisha Clemons and she takes care of me every Thursday in the infusion room. I receive a $4,603 infusion every week here. The medicine is mixed by the pharmacy and must be given before it expires. Last week I left early on Thursday and forgot my infusion. My insurance usually pays this in full: but if this medicine has been thrown away because I forgot then I would have to pay for it in full. Alisha did not give up on me. She stayed late and called and called and called until she reached me on my cell. This kind of loyalty to a patient, I believe, is exceptional and should be recognized. I have always been treated with great care as a patient here, but this time Alisha has gone far beyond what is merely required or expected. She could have just gone home and she would have done nothing wrong in doing that--but Alisha made a different choice--she decided to do the right thing for the patient! I am VERY grateful for this kind of care. Thank you, Alisha.