Alicia Fong

Alicia Fong

Alicia Fong, RN

Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Ambulatory Care
Los Angeles, California
United States

Alice received numerous "ON THE SPOT RECOGNITION" from patients and family. Here are descriptions of her performance:

Alice Fong shown extreme professionalism providing care and giving advice after my 8-month old son. Our appreciation goes out to her and the entire staff that was involved in his care.

There is nothing better than to come to a hospital and being helped by an honest smile. Alice knows what her job entails and her treatment,patience and care shows that she loves her job. Thank you Alice for being so caring.

She is as sweet as a mother. She helped me dress and feel comfortable. Her voice is sweet, her manners nice. She is considered as well-mannered.

"Ms.Fong was extremely helpful and courteous. When I first woke up, I was in a lot of pain , she helped me through it by talking with me. She is an exceptional nurse and truly an asset to Kaiser.