Alice Alonso

Alice Alonso

Alice Alonso, RN, BSN, CCRN

Overlook Medical Center
Summit, New Jersey
United States

I truly want to thank ICU nurse Alice Alonso. My cousin, who was more like a sister, was admitted to your hospital and shortly moved to ICU. She passed away just two weeks later.

Her daughters and I were with her every moment as much as possible. The ICU nursing staff are wonderful all around however, Alice stood out. Alice stood out so much and made us feel so cared for that the daughters chose her to be the one to remove all life supporting care and to make her ready her to pass away with respect, honor, dignity, and care. Alice took her time; she clearly explained everything she was doing, both while B was on life supportive care, while removing it and after. We all came to care for Alice deeply. She handled the most difficult time in our lives gracefully, with humor at times and like she knew B.

I will always be grateful that in the last days of my beloved B's life, she was cared for by such an outstanding human being.