Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes, RN

Critical Care
Sanford USD Medical Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States

On behalf of my entire family (we took up an entire waiting room) whom I have talked to about nominating our nurse, we nominate Alex Hughes.

My grandma passed away Tuesday and the nurse helped our transition. She made sure my grandma wouldn't be in any pain and made sure our whole family had enough time to say their goodbyes. She ordered refreshments and a cookie tray for the kids and went above and beyond helping us cope with our loss. She made sure the Chaplain was there, made sure each of us had our goodbyes, consoled us, answered all our questions and if she didn't know, she had the doctor in the room right away.

This job would be very hard and we as a family thank her for her kindness and caring. It was comforting knowing we had a nurse that cared and was concerned for our family.