Alex Friedman

Alex Friedman

Alex Friedman, RN

St. Luke's Health System Treasure Valley
Meridian, Idaho
United States
Alex even got him to laugh, multiple times, despite his suffering.

The wife of a patient wrote an eloquent, thoughtful nomination letter requesting that Alex Friedman be recognized for his compassionate care of her husband. She described how Alex visually assessed the ED waiting room on a very busy night, locked eyes with her husband and realized he needed care ahead of others who were also waiting to be seen. The care Alex demonstrated on that night was a profound experience for this couple.

That night Alex expressed Relationship Based Care with his vigilance as a sentry. He looked at her husband in the waiting room and knew his care needed escalation. She wrote about what a special nurse Alex is and described how amazing their encounter was with him. When Alex assessed her husband, it was with kindness and Alex even got him to laugh, multiple times, despite his suffering. His demonstration of the role of healer impressed both the patient and his wife. They appreciated knowing Alex enjoys his job and that he genuinely cares for the patients he serves.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with the patients we serve, as you know in this case the patient was very ill and the family went through a very tough time. You made a difference in their lives and will always be remembered to them as a nurse who went above and beyond. It is because of your caring-professional practice that we can serve our community in the manner it deserves.