Aleta Doherty

Aleta Doherty, RN

Ochsner Medical Center - Main Campus New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

Mr.Wayne Olivier wrote a letter to Aleta Doherty RN thanking her for her compassion and great kindness she showed his wife on January 29, 2009 when his wife's doctor bruttally told her that she had cancer and it was going to kill her. Mr. Olivier stated that he could not remember what Aleta told his wife, but the matter in which she said them helped her spirits. His wife pulled away from despair and after that she was determined to enjoy what amount of time she had left. His wife lived a number of weeks after that and remained cheerful, enjoyed her children and grandchildren and lived her life to the fullest. Mr. Olivier stated that he deeply appreciated what Aleta did that day, besides the medical care she gave his wife the love and compassion for others that she showed makes a tremendous difference.