Alayna Davis

Alayna Davis, RN, BSN

Step Down / Progressive Care Unit
White Plains Hospital
White Plains, New York
United States

Alayna Davis had a patient who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Since he had been on her unit for a while she became involved with his family. One day the patient told her that he had been trying to marry his significant other of 30 years, but he had difficulty due to a previous marriage. However, his condition was deteriorating and he explained to her that more than anything in the world, his last wish to make his life complete would be to marry his significant other. Little did he know, Alayna, would make his last wish come true.
At a meeting Alayna announced that she was having a wedding. At that time another nurse manager stated that she had made a white cake that she could decorate and use for the special occasion. Alayna asked the Mayor to come and he got a Supreme Court Judge to come to the hospital to complete the paper work. She also arranged to have another nurse manager’s husband, who is a minister, come to marry the couple. A social worker’s husband played guitar while the eager and compassionate staff members sang.
The patient was escorted to the chapel by Alayna and his bride to be. He asked the mayor to be his witness. He insisted on walking to the chapel and Alayna stood by him for support. The ceremony was the most beautiful event we had ever witnessed. There were family and friends and even strangers to celebrate this man’s last wish with his love. The patient and his wife were so grateful. The hospital had a special oversized room which they gave him for the night with a special dinner for the couple and their guests.
A man, a woman and all other observer’s lives were changed that day because of one nurse named Alayna Davis.