Alana Birk

Alana Birk

Alana Birk, RN

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
Daytona Beach, Florida
United States

Alana Birk is the most bubbly, sweetest nurse!  My mom was in the hospital for a week and she knew she was dying and was afraid to be alone.  Alana stayed in her room one night and did all her charting and whatever else she could do- which goes above and beyond her duties as a nurse.

I know how busy nurses are, yet Alana worked it out, so she could be with my mom as much as possible.  My mom remarked how sweet Alana was and how much she appreciated that.  Alana was also so kind, thoughtful and understanding of us all.  She was so comforting to us in such a hard situation.

My mom also mentioned to us what a nice talk they had and how she had held her hand. Alana is truly dedicated and is wonderful with people.  Her patience was so wonderful, too.