Aimee Fuller

Aimee Fuller, RN

WellStar Kennestone Hospital
Marietta, Georgia
United States

...Just walking around the unit I noticed only one employee going 90 miles per hour. Her name was Amy and this was early morning 9/2. Each round I took I noticed her tending to several rooms, some were hers and other were not. I had bags that were leaking and I was soaked and the floor was wet. Despite how busy Aimee was she got me a new gown and socks in a blink of an eye. One thing I will always remember is how friendly and kind and she wanted to know if we needed anything else.

Aimee should be commended for her performance that night. She is a real leader and I hope if I ever need a nurse again or have to come back to Kennestone, Aimee can take care of me. Thank you from my heart.