Agnes Davies

Agnes Davies, RN

Mother Baby
Carolinas Medical Center - NorthEast
Concord, North Carolina
United States

I nominate Agnes Davies for the DAISY Award. My daughter was admitted to CMC-NorthEast on March 5 with early labor. The baby was not due until April 8 and although we knew the baby was on its way we were apprehensive and afraid for the baby and my daughter. When I arrived at the hospital Ms. Davies was prepping my daughter for surgery. She was talking to her and telling her what to expect. Her bedside manner was one that I had never experienced before. She was calm and collected and her words/voice was soothing. She explained what she was going to do before she did it and she took great care in performing these tasks. She took the time to also explain things to me and set my expectations on what would happen next. I immediately felt a bond and gratefulness to Agnes Davies.

We went to the operating room for an emergency C section and Agnes was there doing her job but to me it felt like she was a guardian angel, she was there watching, assisting, and overseeing my daughters care. The baby was delivered and the recovery care for my daughter began. She explained to my daughter what to expect during recovery and stayed with her until she was moved into her private room. She made sure that all of our concerns and needs were met.

Agnes Davies not only cares about what she does but she went out of her way to make us feel like family and treated us with a level of respect that I greatly appreciate.