Agnes Brooks

Agnes Brooks

Agnes Brooks, RN

NewYork Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Again, without hesitation, Agnes jumped in to help walk us through how to put her in the car seat.

My wife delivered our daughter and after delivery, we were sent to the mother-baby unit. My wife was having a hard time breastfeeding and started to get upset as she was talking to the nursing assistant about it. Our nurse was busy at the time but in came Agnes. She didn't even hesitate to start teaching us. She answered all our questions and in just a few minutes she had taught us more than anyone had at that point.

Agnes really helped my wife not just calm down but also become more confident in her ability to be able to breastfeed. She went through breastfeeding information but also took the "new beginnings" book out and tagged any page she thought would be helpful to us. At first, we actually thought she was the lactation consultant but later realized she was one of the nurses. Like I mentioned she wasn't our nurse, but she came to our rescue in a time of need and without hesitation. She later stopped back in to check on us and make sure my wife was feeling better and doing okay with breastfeeding. She left a lasting impression on us at the time, but we'd end up interacting with Agnes one more time.

We got discharged 2 days later and were struggling with our car seat and our daughter was crying nonstop. She just didn't seem to be sitting in it right. We were on our way out and had to stop at the front desk to show we were discharged and check that our daughter was strapped into the car seat. Agnes just happened to be at the front desk and saw that we were struggling to get it right. Again, without hesitation, she jumped in to help walk us through how to put her in the car seat. At the time we felt overwhelmed with a screaming child in a car seat that just didn't seem right. But with Agnes's help, we left with a calm baby who was now safe to take home. We felt truly blessed to have crossed paths with Agnes. She is the true definition of a great nurse. She is compassionate, selfless, educated, and a team player. Our experience would not have been what it was without having met her.