Afaf Almutairi

Afaf Almutairi

Afaf Almutairi, BSN, RN

Surgical Pediatric
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Afaf takes the time to talk to the child and the parents to assess for needs even if they are not her assigned patients. Her actions help the patients to trust the team overall and provide for a better patient experience.

It is impossible to summarize all of the amazing things and valuable attributes that make Afaf a true DAISY Nurse.

Fortunately, Afaf has devoted compassionate nursing care to A2 Pediatric Surgery and Organ Transplant Unit since being at King Faisal. Afaf takes the hands-on approach and has been very instrumental in the facilitation of providing family-centered care on our unit and our patients and families adore her. She always has a pleasant attitude and is willing to go above and beyond to help our pediatric patients reach their health goals. Even after discharge, when patients return for outpatient appointments they make sure to stop by the unit to see if she is working. The children are even sad if they do not find her.

Afaf is always on hand when any staff nurses need assistance. When we need assistance in communicating with our patients and families, and she always calm during even the most stressful situations and circumstances. No matter how many times we ask for her assistance in translation she is always willing to help. Parents are often stressed and worried about their child’s health and care when they are admitted to our unit. Afaf takes the time to talk to the child and the parents to assess for needs even if they are not her assigned patients. Her actions help the patients to trust the team overall and provide for a better patient experience. She is compassionate and empathetic and can calm down the most upset parent and encourage the most unmotivated pre-teens with her angelic demeanor and approach.

Afaf works tirelessly, efficiently, and methodically while always remaining pleasant and gracious when interacting with the patients, families, colleagues, and multidisciplinary teams. She is highly respected by her peers and seen as a resource to new and senior staff. She is appreciated for her thoughtful nature and excellent interpersonal skills. She has an outstanding work ethic and is a Role Model for the new nurses and Interns that she precepts each shift. She is the nurse that you are always hoping will be on the same schedule as you when you begin your shift.

She is a natural leader and as Charge Nurse she takes into consideration all concerns of each patient holistically so that when making the patient assignment the patients can get the treatment they deserve due to her detailed balance of nursing assignments. This affects not only the positive morale of the team but the care being given to each patient and the time you are then able to spend with each patient. She also makes it a point to round with each nurse and assess their needs.  On one occasion I recall where I was allocated a new post-renal transplanted patient who was not voiding after surgery. I contacted the Physician on-call several times to report this information and my nursing assessment concerns. The Physician placed orders but the patient was not improving. Afaf came to me and asked if I needed any assistance and I informed her of my patient findings. She recommended that I call RRT. I followed her lead and in the end, the patient was transferred to PICU to receive higher acuity care. I felt very confident after this encounter due to her involvement and assistance.

Afaf is loved and highly praised by the Nursing Interns that she precepts on our unit. She provides guidance and direction, takes them through their first time completing nursing skills orientation, and gives them constructive feedback in a manner that helps them to develop and approach her openly if they have questions. I am usually in awe by the support that she offers to them throughout their rotation here on A2. We’ve had interns choose us as their permanent unit due to her Preceptorship. I know that every student that she precepts will be shaped to become great nurses just like herself making the future of our profession a lot better.

Afaf, we appreciate all you do for our patients and for being an awesome team player. You are consistent, flexible, empathetic, and a true DAISY nurse.