Adnan Al Mahrouq

Adnan Al Mahrouq

Adnan Al Mahrouq, BSN, RN

Endoscopy Clinic
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
United States

Adnan Al Mahrouq truly deserves the DAISY Award for possessing the qualities based on KFSHRC values. He serves the organization for 10 years now and he constantly demonstrates the values of Patient Focus, Integrity, Quality, Compassion and Teamwork. He is very approachable at all times, willing to share his knowledge and supportive to all staff.

Though he is now an Endoscopy coordinator, he acts regularly as our Team Leader and often times he will also be our translator, but does not mind at all as long as our patients will receive clear instructions. It makes us comfortable at work knowing he is there to always give his support if needed. We get that feeling of reassurance if he is around. He has that caring attitude for the patients and their families, as well as with his peers, physicians, management and other members of the healthcare team.

The Endoscopy unit highly focuses on procedures where his skills and knowledge about the different scopes and other advance supportive machines - for example Fibroscan, Freddy laser, STretta to name but a few- are of great help to all of us. He taught us the importance of the different machines and he is readily available to act as a resource person whenever a new machine, accessory or technology comes to the unit. He is always there to teach the staff without delay and without any hesitation.

One day, our on-call duty staff from the unit called him to assist ERCP procedure and asked him if he could stay another 15 minutes after his working hours, he willingly assisted us even the procedure made him stay more than 2 hours.

Another occasion that showed how much he is dedicated to excellent patient care is that our on-call team gave him a call after midnight for his assistance and guidance for esophageal stent insertion. He came. His positive approach and willingness to take responsibility leads to maximum patient safety.

He is a multitalented nurse who flourishes in many aspects as high professional including evidence based quality patient care, strong leadership skills, teamwork, unique level flexibility and availability. No wonder, he was recently given an appreciation letter from His Excellency, Dr. Qasim Al Qasabi.

When crisis situation occurs in Endoscopy procedure room, he would come to control situation and assist in calm way. He is very patient, tolerant and exhibits exemplary professional practice standards. He shows respect for human dignity and genuine concerns for others. With these qualities, Adnan is a deserving recipient for this prestigious DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.