Adeline Ruiz

Adeline Ruiz, RN

4th Floor
Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

I immediately felt comfortable with Adeline from the first time she entered my room. Adeline made me feel important. Being a diabetic, it is important that I have regular snacks. She always made sure that I had a nutritious snack before bedtime. She is the first and only nurse that ever made sure this happened. I felt completely safe and assured under her care. Adeline took the time to listen to me on my whiney needs. SHE IS #1!

Adeline Ruiz, RN
It was the extra special touches Adeline delivered in her care that stuck out to the patient who nominated her. The patient praised Adeline for listening to her, and even offering the diabetic patient a light and
nutritious snack before bedtime. “She made me feel cared for and important,” the nominator said, and Adeline made it clear that the patient’s comfort was her No. 1 priority.