Adelina Manuel Viaje

Adelina Manuel Viaje

Adelina Manuel Viaje, SN1

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Saudi Arabia

I was an off service patient (under internal medicine) in the unit. Adelina showed great empathy for my situation and did her best to assist and support me, despite the fact that she was sometimes Charge Nurse and not necessary assigned to. She printed out information from the pharmacy on the IV Medication I was receiving, discussing with me any potential side effects. She was twice called upon by colleagues to re-site the IV Cannula and was very skilled at this process.

Adelina noticed I like to read and brought in some paper and books. Her confident, knowledgeable and totally reassuring approach on entering my room made my day brighter and more comfortable as a patient.

She always listened closely to my concerns as a patient (even if we are nurses) you feel very vulnerable, a little depressed in our situation, and with some loss personal autonomy.  Adelina helped alleviate these uncomfortable feelings and therefore promoted recovery.