Abigail Fuller

Abigail Fuller

Abigail Fuller, RN

Seton Medical Center Hays
Kyle, Texas
United States

The person who came to mind when I heard about the DAISY Award is Abigail (Abby) Fuller, RN. She is relatively new to the Seton Family of Hospitals, but she carries out Seton’s mission and values in her practice. She demonstrates the DAISY Award criteria on a regular basis. One example is the care she provided for our first outpatient infusion patient. Her dedication and compassion were evident when she cared for a patient seeking treatment for cancer here at SMCH.

We were starting a new service line in our community. Abby stepped up and became our infusion nurse. JP was our first outpatient infusion patient. She took care of JP throughout his inpatient and outpatient visits. She scheduled her hours during the week to meet the patient’s infusion needs. Some weeks he would need care on a Wednesday and Thursday. Other weeks he would require infusions on Thursday and Friday. She collaborated with the physician’s office on a weekly basis to ensure that doctor’s orders were in the pharmacy and available when our patient came in for services. She was in contact with the blood bank to ensure that blood that was ordered to be administered was ready when the patient arrived for his transfusions. She became his primary nurse. She was working the day our patient died in ICU. She and another nursing colleague were with the patient’s family at the time of his death. Abby wrote the tribute to JP that was used at his memorial service. His family was so pleased by the care that was provided for their family member, that they asked that the service be held in our chapel.

Abby helped to establish the outpatient documentation guidelines. She has oriented other nurses to the outpatient process. Abby refers to policy and other literature when caring for a patient with a new diagnosis or medication. Abby is positive and professional when she is at work in her demeanor and appearance. She has become a resource for the House Supervisors whenever an outpatient phlebotomy need is identified. Abby helps her colleagues by answering call lights, covering for the Charge Nurse, answering phones, and handling other issues that arise. Abby is making post discharge phone calls. She refers any issues to the clinical manager or the patient representative if she feels additional service recovery is necessary. Seton Medical Center Hays is fortunate to have someone like Abby as part of our team. She is competent and compassionate. She supports her team in any way she can.