Zhinan Jia

Zhinan Jia

Zhinan Jia, BSN, RN

Inpatient Medical Unit
Atlanta VA Medical Center
Decatur, Georgia
United States
Zhinan asks if there is anything more she can do and makes me feel like family.

“My favorite part about direct patient care is knowing that my job truly makes a difference in the patients’ lives. I think that nursing is one of the few truly selfless professions where everything we do is motivated by our desire to help people get better and not by any acts of self-interest or personal gain. I feel very proud to be a part of this noble profession.”

-Zhinan Jia, BSN, RN

Zhinan started her nursing career as a VALOR student Nurse here at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. After completing the program and graduating nursing school, she had enjoyed her experience caring for Veterans so much that she decided to come onboard as a permanent employee in the RN role on the 8th floor inpatient Medical Unit. She is described by colleagues as being caring, dedicated, and passionate; she contributes greatly to the success of the unit. Zhinan is the unit champion for National Patient Safety Goals. She is also working collaboratively with the Protocol Committee, reviewing the protocol on NG tube placement for revision. Her hobbies include taking nature walks, spending time with friends and family, watching movies, cooking, and exercising.

A veteran she cared for wrote: “Zhinan is very willing to take time out and explain details of what she is doing and why. She has cleaned up my food tray every time she has seen it sitting, fills my water often and has even gone out of her way to get me coffee. She asks if there is anything more she can do and makes me feel like family. I know she is very busy but has always taken the time and has never tried to rush me or been short with me. She has made conversation with me and makes me feel welcome to be here. This has changed my whole outlook on the VA and staff. I’m very happy she was my nurse and I’ve even asked for her to be my nurse again today!”


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