Valeria Campbell

Valeria Campbell

Valeria Campbell, RN

Indiana University Health: North Hospital
Carmel, Indiana
United States

Val had all my meds on time, I did not have to ask about something to drink, she already had things ready. She always made sure me and my family were comfortable. Val would bring clean sheets, blankets and towels. She is very polite, very sweet and very comforting. I lost my husband back on November 26, 2011 and she asked if I was alright, if I needed comforting. She is very in tune with her patients, truly has been an outstanding nurse.

Val came in and asked what name I would like to be called (Mrs, Ms, etc). She made sure my pain and other levels were where I felt comfortable and if she didn’t know an answer to my question, she made sure she found out for me. Val is truly a wonderful nurse.

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