Tracey Pencer

Tracey Pencer, RN

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

Tracey was caring for a patient who has a passion for watching football with his family. Unfortunately, with impaired vision, he was not able to see the TV in his room. Since he was also intubated, his mobility was limited as well. He wanted nothing more than to be able to watch the Ravens football game with his sons.

Tracey learned that the gentleman had a big screen TV at his home and decided to speak with the sons about the possibility of bringing it in. She then made arrangements with the facilities team in order to have the TV hooked up to the cable in the room. When Sunday came, the gentleman and his sons were able to watch the game together.

A few days later, he was extubated and Tracey was again his RN. When it was time to transfer him she noticed that the room that he was assigned to was one of the smaller ones on the unit. Realizing that the patient had a large family (and large TV)- she called the unit to see if a larger room was available. The family was very appreciative that she took the initiative to secure a larger room for him in order to accommodate the things that meant the most to him.

Tracey is a fabulous nurse who always puts her patients first. She not only took excellent care of his medical needs, but provided the patient and his family with the emotional care that they all needed as well.

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