Todd Widmer

Todd Widmer

Todd Widmer, BSN, RN

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa
United States

Todd was nominated by a patient's daughter, who was impressed with Todd's care of her mother. Her nomination reads:

Just to give a little history: my mom had a major surgery in November 2013 (complete rodding of her spine). Following surgery, she was on morphine which really did not agree with her. She was very confused and agitated--to put it lightly--she was out of her mind! She spent many hours yelling and trying to get out of bed. Throughout all of this Todd was kind, compassionate, reassuring and most of all, patient! Fast forward to September 2014, and Mom's rods broke away from her pelvis, making another surgery necessary. Following the surgery, she was sent to SNICU. When I was allowed to go into the room to see her, she was very with it (this time they did not use morphine!) and she said to me, "I don't remember any of my time here last time, but I can tell you I know that the nurse I have today is the same nurse I had last time." When I checked, sure enough, it was Todd. I asked my mom, "How did you know that?," and she responded by saying, "I know his voice; it makes me feel so calm." I am a nurse myself, and I know how challenging a confused patient can be. I feel that Todd needs to be recognized for his extreme compassion, patience and calming voice. Thank you, Todd.

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