Teresa Marcoulier

Teresa Marcoulier

Teresa Marcoulier, RN, BSN, CNOR

Perioperative Services
Asante Three Rivers Medical Center
Grants Pass, Oregon
United States

During a pre-op visit phone call a patient revealed she had a very bad experience at our hospital and was not sure she would have her surgery here at ATRMC. She was very anxious about returning. Her husband was also concerned. Teresa Marcoulier, Nurse Manager, was notified and owned this immediately. She called the patient at home and reassured her that she would make certain that if she has surgery here, she would have excellent treatment. Teresa called the patient's doctor to inform him of the situation and advocated for her. Teresa told the doctor, "I want to meet her needs no matter when they are." Teresa called the patient again and told her, as the manager, she would personally assign a "compassionate" nurse that would be assigned to her only. Teresa personally arranged for Mickey, med/surg RN, to come in on her day off to care for her. On the day of surgery Mickey was waiting for her and escorted her as she was frightened, she was fearful to enter PACU. Teresa was there too.

During her preop, the patient kept repeating, "I am being treated like a Queen". When the patient came out of surgery, Mickey was there and Teresa was there too with flowers and a card. She made sure the patient's husband came into Recovery too. Teresa asked Mickey to stay with her during her transport and being settled into her inpatient room. Teresa coordinated with Meredith, Med/Surg Clinical Coordinator, for assigning the right nurse to care for her. Teresa visited her again that afternoon and the next day.

After the patient was discharged Teresa herself made the follow up phone call! The patient and her husband were so impressed by the excellent care and the caring, compassionate nurses that she wrote a thank you note! Teresa recently contacted this patient again as a follow up phone call. She is needing another surgery and guess where she "can't wait to go"? Happy to say, she has selected our Hospital! What a turn around!

Teresa related this experience at our staff meeting. The staff were so impressed with her leadership and positive example, she well deserves this recognition. I am so proud of her and know she made a memorable difference for this patient.

P.S. I found out that this patient calls her every weekend!!

Congratulate Teresa Marcoulier