Tammy Russette

Tammy Russette, RN

Beaumont Hospital Troy
Troy, Michigan
United States

Tammy is an exemplary nurse who fulfills the standards of Beaumont every day that she works. Tammy is always willing to help other co-workers but most of all, she gives excellent care to the patients and is always looking for the best outcomes. One example of this care: a patient in the ICU was admitted with very tangled hair. Tammy, while not the patient's assigned RN, washed, detangled, and combed out the patient's hair. Tammy then bought a hair accessory to tie up the patient's hair to keep it smooth, more comfortable for the patient. Tammy champions the care of her patients, coordinating care, moving the plan of care forward. Beaumont is very fortunate to have Tammy on their workforce and we are very blessed to have her as part of our team.