Scott Parker

Scott Parker

Scott Parker, BSN, CEN

Avista Float Pool ER/ICU
Avista Adventist Hospital
Louisville, Colorado
United States

Scott was amazing! He was patient, kind, professional and kept a great sense of humor-all while working with a difficult patient. He brought an air of reassurance to ICU that calmed both me and my agitated mother-in-law. I can't express the gratitude I feel for how he helped us through a trying time by caring for our family member as if she were part of his own family.

My Mother-in-law went into ICU in a delusional and combative state. Scott cared for her through at least four nights. During this time he treated her with such compassion, paientce, "tough love" (when needed) that I felt we'd been sent an angel! He spent long, patient, visits trying to calm her and keep her in bed with her monitors still in place. He was able to "reach" her through his humor and obvious care for her well-being. Even when my mother-in-law threatened him with, "When my husband gets here, he'll make mincemeat out of you!" Scott just smiled and talked quietly and reassuringly to her. When she threatened to slap him, he calmly said "now, Miss M, you wouldn't do that. We've been together for the last three nights now and have gotten to know each other pretty well!" When she yelled at him, "I hate this! Next time I'm going to Avista!!" Scott just smiled and said, "Okay, Miss M, you do that."

I spent two nights in the ICU when Scott was working. He professionally answered all of my questions and reassured my concerns with patience and thoroughness. I am so very thankful that he was with M those nights. Watching how he worked with M and treated her during her time of need had an impact on me. This week changed our lives and for that I strongly nominate him for the DAISY Award.


Scott was on duty when I arrived at the ER with chest pains( prolonged QT resulting in VTAC) at around 3 am. He made a big difference in easing my mind and spirit during my medical crisis- in a nutshell he made me feel safe during one of the most frightening and physically painful experiences of my life.

He was calm, efficient, and professional. He treated me with kindness and respect and readily understood that I needed an academic explanation in addition to emotional reassurance. It meant a lot to me that Scott intuitively grasped that dry humor was my way of coping- he was a willing and talented foil. ( We should form a night club act.)

My only disappoint was when the ER entourage were taking me to ICU and after succumbing to multiple shots of morphine, I asked if this was a good time for a rousing group sing-a-long of "kumbaya". Without the slightest hesitation, Scott responded, "Uh, No." (perhaps he has heard me sing before...)

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