Sarah Wyrick

Sarah Wyrick

Sarah Wyrick, RN, BSN

Pediatric ICU
Covenant Health Lubbock
Lubbock, Texas
United States

For multiple days, Sarah cared for a sweet 9 month old little girl in critical condition in the PICU. The baby was found in full arrest at her home and all we had were unanswered questions. She had no sign of maltreatment or abuse. Despite the most aggressive medical treatments, technology, and care, her condition became more critical and she was not responsive. The team and family decided it was time to start brain death testing. Unfortunately, the sweet baby was confirmed to be brain dead for unknown reasons, which led to the probable cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Sarah assisted the family and care team in discussion about organ donation. The family agreed to donate their baby girl's organs and wanted to say their goodbyes. The family loved, hugged, and kissed their daughter goodbye and left. Sarah and the Lifegift team were now challenged with maintaining a stable, yet critical condition, to provide other children with the chance of life. As an expert pediatric critical care nurse, Sarah offered her expertise in minimum blood volume draws, beginning and titrating vasocative blood pressure medications, performing concise bedside care to avoid any infection, while delivering servant care.

This was an incredibly busy day with a full high acuity unit. Sarah asked me if she could bathe the baby and wash her feet. I said yes as a clarifying answer related to the medical examiner's stance. A few days later, I reflected on the care provided to that child...she specifically said "feet." I pulled Sarah aside and asked her about the bath and washing the feet. Sarah's eyes filled with tears and she explained to me how "it is her thing." For all the children she cares for that go on to meet Jesus while in the PICU, she washes their feet to show how she is there to serve them - just as Jesus washed the feet of those He served. She washes their feet while singing Jesus Loves Me.

Sarah does not do this for recognition, nobody knew, nobody was with her, just her doing God's service!

Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice shine though the work of Sarah Wyrick!

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