Roma Seat

Roma Seat, BSN, RN, RD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Roma puts the families first. She always makes sure they are comfortable and well taken care of. She loves her job and is so sweet. She takes time to do anything you ask of her and still manages to be on time for feedings and other medical needs that need attended to. She is so nice and does everything she needs to do and more. She is very clean and very careful.

To be honest, I felt so bad when Roma had to work around me. Every time she had to work, I swear she had us on days I was crying, and never once made me feel bad. She was always there to talk and be supportive. She loves my daughter. Before we left, we got Niah's shots over with and not only did myself, my daughter, and my mom cry, Roma cried too. Even in our hardest times, Roma made them into unforgettable memories. She made living in the hospital easier for us. She is absolutely amazing.

By time we got Roma on our team, I had learned how to do most things with my daughters health. But Roma helped me learn to feed her without having her brady. I want to be an EMT so Roma asked several people to come in and help me with the process and tell me about everything they do. She has taught me about the equipment ya'll have around the bed sides. Also the machines like IV's, the monitors, and breathing machines. She's done a lot.

When I found out my daughter had to have surgery to get a shunt, Roma was working. I was balling my eyes out and Roma not only brought me tissues and gave me a hug, she told me more information to make me feel more comfortable about the shunt. She went out of her way to make sure she was the one to take care of my baby after she got out of surgery. She signed onto our team so she could take care of my daughter. She would stay over time to get tasks done and help us.

She worked her butt off. I appreciate it a lot!

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