Rochelle Stokes

Rochelle Stokes

Rochelle Stokes, ADN, RN

Observation Unit
Vidant Medical Center - Greenville
Greenville, North Carolina
United States

I am writing on behalf of a patient and his family to nominate Rochelle Stokes, RN for the DAISY Award. Several weeks ago, this patient was being seen in the Observation Unit experiencing tremendous pain and discomfort. During his stay he became very dissatisfied with his care. As a result, he reached out to management to convey his concerns. Nurse Rochelle overheard the conversations with the charge nurse, doctor and patient. She decided to intervene, volunteering to assume care for him. Rochelle demonstrated that she indeed is an extraordinary compassionate nurse. She was able to provide the patient and his partner with reassurance, comfort, and a healing touch. Several days after discharge, they returned to the unit and presented Rochelle with a huge care basket filled with Botanical Spa goodies. The patient stated that, "You all need to give this lady a raise. She is an excellent nurse, very passionate, treated us like we were humans first, and showed us that she cared. She needs to be showcased for that."

The healing touches and the exemplary care provided by Rochelle on that day and many others turned a challenging situation into a patient satisfaction testimony thus making her an outstanding role model. Rochelle always smiles and says, "I'm just doing my job."

Congratulate Rochelle Stokes