Rita Samuelson

Rita Samuelson

Rita Samuelson, RN

CHI Good Samaritan - Kearney
Kearney, Nebraska
United States

I had to have surgery and was admitted to the hospital for several days. As a nurse, I knew the outcome desired, the possibility of complications and also the discomfort of being on the side of the patient bed I am not comfortable being on. Rita treated me with great respect, understanding that I was a patient over a nurse in this instance. She asked if I had questions, listened to my fears and feelings I had of letting others down due to my being ill and yet still made me feel comfortable even when I felt I had lost control. Rita made sure my pain was kept under control even when I was extremely hesitant to take much for pain medication, as I am extremely sensitive to narcotics and have been known to hallucinate with some. Rita listened to my fears, assured me she would check on me even more often than she was and by my request turned on my bed alarm, which I had previously refused.

Rita then followed through with her promise. My pain was kept under control and she checked on me every 30 minutes, maybe more, but I was dozing with the pain medicine so only she knows exactly how often she checked. I am grateful I had Rita as a nurse! She treated me as a fellow nurse, but most importantly she treated me as a patient who needed care, too. Rita calmed my fears and spirit by telling me, "I know you are used to being the care taker, but tonight you need someone to take care of you. That someone is me and I will keep you safe. Let me care for you!"

Thank you Rita for being wonderful and not letting me keep feeling bad for letting my family and work down by being sick. YOU ARE AWESOME!!