Raechelle Robertson

Raechelle Robertson

Raechelle Robertson, BSN, RN, CNOR

UT Southwestern University Hospitals
Dallas, Texas
United States

Raechelle is the current chairperson of this unit's Unit Based Council committee. She is the champion along with some of the members of the committee for patient safety. She has encouraged the safety to speak about safety when first entering the room. Her understanding is that when the patient "feels" safe and knows that you will protect that safety, they trust you to take care of their health.

Raechelle also cares for her coworkers by initiating a plan of wellness on the unit. Monthly events are posted throughout the Metroplex. She also has one of the staff working on a project to measure steps taken throughout the work day and can record it for competition and encouragement among coworkers.

Raechelle is a go-to person that a great many staff members rely on. As the manager of this unit, I have trusted her to perform several meaningful tasks well.

Raechelle is respected among her peers as a confidant and reliable staff member to treat staff with respect and understanding.

Raechelle is innovative and an advocate for patient care.

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