Pennie Studebaker

Pennie Studebaker

Pennie Studebaker, RN, BSN

4th Floor, Med/Surg Dept.
Seton Medical Center Hays
Kyle, Texas
United States

...A patient was admitted one Friday evening for pneumonia. She was from out of town, here for her son's wedding the following day. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the wedding. On Saturday evening many of the wedding guests began to come to the hospital to visit the patient. The patient wanted to get dressed and take some pictures. Pennie suggested they take pictures in the Seton Hays Chapel. Our patient got all dressed up in her wedding clothes and went with the guests to take pictures.

The events for the evening at this point, snowballed. The Minister from the wedding showed up, and the bride and groom surprised mom and came as well. They held a second ceremony in the Chapel. The one thing our patient was most sad about was missing the dance with her son. Someone brought some music, and they were able to dance. They took tons of pictures, and she was so happy.

Hearing this story brought tears to my eyes. This story is a perfect example of the compassionate care that Pennie provides to our patients.

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