Paulette Blankinship

Paulette Blankinship, RN

Emory University Hospital Midtown
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

I am writing this letter as a commendation for Paulette Blankenship, RN who was my father's nurse in CCU. She demonstrated all that makes nursing a noble (and difficult) profession and it's a wonderful human being. She was clinically skilled, kind and compassionate, created a bond with my father that instilled trust, and advocated for him and my family during his difficult hospital stay and eventual passing away.

Here is our story. My father was transferred from a small rural hospital in North GA to Emory to ICU. He had been followed by Emory Cardiologist in North GA for years. The medical management by physicians was not as wonderful as the nursing care. I will not go not go into detail; but it lays the foundation for why my family is so grateful to Paulette. She went above and beyond the ensure him the best possible care when we were hoping for a diagnosis and treatment; and an ending to his life that was as pain and anxiety free as possible.

The doctors had different beliefs and approaches. Paulette the nurse assisted the family after hearing conflicting reports from the doctors. Paulette made sure she spoke with each physician and the residents came to hear physician's conversations with my Dad and/or the family, understood his personality and maintained his dignity throughout. She explained anything and everything to the patient in a calm, competent manner.

Paulette was very instrumental in assisting the patient transfer to hospice and the best care was given. Paulette Blankenship demonstrated excellent clinical nursing skills and perhaps as important, she is a wonderful human being whose extraordinary compassion for her patient made a very difficult time much easier.

Congratulate Paulette Blankinship