Pam Scott

Pam Scott

Pam Scott, RN

Medical Surgical
Indiana University Health: West Hospital
Avon, Indiana
United States

Pam was nominated for the DAISY Award by two recent patients.

"Pam made my experience VERY enjoyable while I was here. She kept a smile on my face and constantly was cracking jokes but at the same time staying professional. She was there for me for everything that I needed and wanted and I thank her for that and for the great advice that I had asked her for, which turned out to be the BEST advice I'd gotten in a very, very long time! She was great! You guys have a great nurse, you'd BETTER keep her!!!"

"She has made me very happy and I smile more than ever. When she walks in my room my eyes are bright. She's always here when I need things and was very good at what she has to do with the patients. She also is the best you have now and she will do her job right. Keep up the great job!"

We are honored that Pam works at IU Health West Hospital in Avon, Indiana!

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