Misty McKinney

Misty McKinney, RN

3rd Floor Cardiac Care
Seton Medical Center Williamson
Round Rock, Texas
United States

Misty manages the unit perfectly when she is in charge. She knows every RN's needs and anticipates your needs...and patient's needs so well that sometimes you don't even have to ask. A particular instance was when I was doing a procedure in one patient's room and my other patient called for pain medication. She went ahead and gave the patient the pain med he needed which made the patient very satisfied and commented that we have very good teamwork when I went to apologize that I could not get there on time. Misty listens attentively to you when you have a concern and will gladly take care of your admission if you're busy. Most of the time, she goes out of her way to do admission history and home meds which is a very big help. She volunteers to take a patient as her own if she knows that you're overwhelmed. And she does it with joy. She never makes you feel that you're bothering her when you ask for her to do something for you. She supports every RN's cry for patient safety. She knows exactly how to handle stressful situations and has the right answer and solution to all your questions. I've been a nurse for 20 years and Misty has been the most awesome, most efficient and most effective nurse I've ever had.

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