Missy Lopez

Missy Lopez

Missy Lopez, RN

Pediatric Unit
Midland Memorial Hospital
Midland, Texas
United States

Missy Lopez is a registered nurse (RN) who practices in the Pediatric Unit. Missy is being honored with the DAISY Award for going above and beyond for the patients and families she cares for.

Missy was nominated by a fellow Pediatric nurse for her work in helping a young teen to find their family. She wrote that the teen required "extensive help with everything from a Home to Meds and Missy did everything possible for this patient to help in whatever was needed." Missy contacted the social worker, CPS, the family, and even the police trying to locate the patient's family. "Missy is very compassionate and caring; always does her best and goes above and beyond what's expected of her. I'm proud to work with her."

Missy is described by her peers as someone who truly cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of and that they are safe, even beyond the length of their hospital stay. Missy does not hesitate to help wherever and whenever she can and has voluntarily added days to her schedule to help fill in for a nurse out on FMLA. Her willingness to help is appreciated.

Because of Missy's compassionate and caring efforts, her patients experience a level of care that exemplifies the impact nurses have in creating an environment where patients and families feel at home.

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