Maureen Lan

Maureen Lan, BSN, RN, OCN

South County Hospital
Wakefield, Rhode Island
United States

Maureen received three nominations from patients she had cared for on the orthopedic unit. One letter described her excellence in care and compassion. "Her genuine interpersonal communication skills, along with her gentle dose of humor in the performance of her duties were superb. In my estimation she is a standard bearer for excellence in nursing, a measure by which all nurses should be evaluated. The hospital and its patients/customers should be very fortunate and secure in knowing that she is a truly gifted,highly professional,and sincere caregiver".

The second letter was from a patient who commented on Maureens's attentiveness to his pain. "Maureen treated me with extraordinary kindness, compassion, and good cheer. She changed my dressings, checked my vital signs and IV, and performed other tasks while explaining to me in very clear, easy to understand terms exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. Her explanations and attitude made me feel more optimistic about my own prospects for recovery".

The third nomination was from a patient who commented on Maureen's caring, cheerful attitude and attention. "Each time she came in was a blessing. She always had a smile, but most of all time for you".

We were so pleased that the patients who nominated Maureen for the DAISY Award were able to attend the ceremony on the unit. Congratulations to Maureen.

Congratulate Maureen Lan