Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner, RN

Adult Critical Care
Providence Alaska Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska
United States

Matt was our father's nurses when he was in ICU. He was always on top of his needs, and answered our questions in a way we could understand. Matt went above and beyond as our father wanted to listen to gospel music so Matt went and got his iphone and downloaded gospel music so he could listen to it. It didn't matter to Matt if it ran his battery down. Our father was content. He made my father have an easier day as he was on a VENT very sick. He went out of his way to talk to us each day (even if he wasn't his nurse.) Any patient and family members would be lucky to have Matt as their nurse. One day he was very busy going from room to room and no patient had to wait for anything. Don't know how he kept up with all the requests but he did it with a smile on his face. We thank Matt very much and wish him well always.


Matt cared for my ex-husband while he was in the CCU. The prognosis from the begining was very poor. Matt did everthing he could to help us find peace. He treated him with respect, and provided exceptional care. Matt spoke to him as if he was awake in the room. When it was time to let him go we requested Matt on his day day off, and he came to be with us and care for us during his passing. Matt has a kind heart, full of compassion and charisma that we all needed to have near us during this time. I will never forget Matt, and hope that others learn from his example of quality and compassionate healthcare.


My son's father was in a coma for two weeks before we had to make a heart wrenching decision to let him go. Matt was there from the begining to the end. He treats his patients and their families with compassion and respect that they deserve. He ansewered every question we had and if he didnt know the answer he make sure he found out. It was Matt's day off on the day that we chose to remove the life support. The children were nervous and worried about who was caring for their dad in his last moments. They wanted Matt to be the one but he was not on shift. He got word of this and asked if he cold change his shift so he could be there for us. There he was that morning. It was an answered prayer. We were all so happy and relieved. He helped us all get through a very trying time and we will be forever thankful and never forget him. He has definitely found his calling in doing what he does.

Congratulate Matt Skinner