Marisa Rhein

Marisa Rhein

Marisa Rhein, RN

Advanced Progressive Care
St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital
Madison Heights, Michigan
United States

My brother was at St. John's Macomb Hospital from March 14 until April 9. He was extremely sick. During that time, I was at the hospital as often as I could be. I witnessed Marisa and Lonna being very compassionate at their jobs. My feeling was that they went above and beyond their basic job duties. They treated him as a person, a human being, and made him feel like such. He was unable to use the restroom by himself let alone feed himself. I know this made him feel like less a person. Especially if he had an accident and had to be cleaned up. Neither of these nurses showed their displeasure of having to clean him up. In fact they constantly checked in on him and urged him to try and walk to the bathroom with his walker and use the facility.

Marisa was very caring and showed extreme compassion toward him. She took the extra step by ordering a butt pillow when she noticed that he was uncomfortable lying in bed and had a sore on his behind. She was able to assist him in sitting on the side of his bed - the way she coaxed him into moving his body I know gave him hope that he was getting better. She was able to get him to use the restroom a few times and sit in the chair as opposed to the bed.

It is extremely hard on the family of a sick person but it does help ease their minds when they know their loved ones are in the care of people as special as these two nurses, Marisa and Lonna.

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