Marion Power

Marion Power

Marion Power, RN

Ambulatory Float
Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States

I would like to nominate Marion Power for the summer Daisy Award. Marion is currently a member of the float pool for ambulatory and works one day per week in the Outpatient Procedure Center. As a float, Marion is a positive addition to any team. Her calm demeanor, her unflappability and her pleasant and positive attitude make all the teams who work with her welcome her with open arms. She is thorough in her use of the nursing process - often identifying issues from the family perspective that others have missed or overlooked. As a float, she makes sure that she conducts a thorough hand-off to the team as her presence is irregular. She is complete in her telephone triage and is an active listener to the caller - often "hearing those unspoken issues/concerns" and presenting her problem solving and advice with empathy. Her documentation is very detailed and this is such a help to all team members but especially to her peer nurses for whom she covers - they can pick up right where Marion leaves off and know exactly what has transpired.

Marion is gentle in nature but is also a pragmatist. She offers down to earth advice and is creative in her patient education - she helps the family make the plan of care come alive - at home, at school, in the community. She helps the patient manage their disease rather than be managed by it.

It is a pleasure to work with Marion. She is high energy but understated. In a very short time, she's shown herself capable of learning some 10 different medical or surgical specialties and demonstrate competency in each.

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