Marianne Montano

Marianne Montano, RN

Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak
Royal Oak, Michigan
United States

Marianne Montano is the most caring and compassionate nurse that not only shares her knowledge with patients, she does it in a way that the patient and family can understand. When there is a situation that especially needs more support from staff, she finds exactly the appropriate resources to help and keep the patients safe. Marianne's communication skills are outstanding between the medical staff, nursing, and patients. When there is an issue with the patient, her quick critical care thinking skills and knowledge base is always reassuring when working beside her. She is always collaborating and advocating for the patients and doing what is right, always keeping the patient wishes first!


Despite being in charge most of the time and have 2 patients as her assignment, she always makes sure nurses are relieved so they can go on breaks. She covers other nurses' patients at the same time she takes care of her patients. She always try to diffuse the tension between staff when conflict happens. She is very well trained to communicate with staff and patients/family in a professional way.


She exemplifies the kind of nurse we all want to work with. She is very kind to patients, co-workers, and good team worker. She gets a lot of compliments from patients, families and co-workers.

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