Mandy Reed

Mandy Reed

Mandy Reed, RN

Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center
Sun City West, Arizona
United States

When my mom came to the hospital, Mandy immediately was a comforting person. My mom was on hospice prior to coming to the hospital and I was told in the Emergency Room that my mom would probably die soon. We got up to the room on 4D and Mandy was the manager that night. When lab came up to draw my mom's blood, Mandy sensed that I was uneasy. I had spent several hours in the emergency room, Mandy then asked if I had eaten dinner yet. When I said "No" she asked me to go for a walk with her. She took me to the cafeteria where she bought me a warm meal out of her own pocket. When I tried to pay her for it, she just said "No, that's ok. I wanted to do this for you."

My mom lived for only 3 hours after she got admitted. Mandy was very comforting, explaining things to me in words I could understand as my mom's condition deteriorated. She said a prayer for my mom and for me and made me feel like we were part of her family. If anyone deserves an award for being the best nurse ever, it is her. She truly is a caring soul with a generous heart.

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