Louisa Kalinke

Louisa Kalinke

Louisa Kalinke, RN, BSN

Cardiac Step-Down
Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

Louisa is a wonderful nurse and a valuable part of our team. She helps her fellow team members without question or hesitation and always has a positive attitude while doing so. She is very caring and compassionate to all her patients and family members. She tries to go above the expectation of care for her patients and does small extra things to accomplish this.

Louisa was caring for a patient who happened to be on our floor on his birthday. When she saw it was his birthday, she made him a card, encouraged all the staff to sign this, and placed a Happy Birthday sign on his door. She also called the kitchen to obtain a birthday treat for him. This is just one example of the many ways that Louisa shows just that extra amount of caring that makes a nurse stand out from the rest and is always a pleasure to work with.

Congratulate Louisa Kalinke