Katie Hale

Katie Hale

Katie Hale, RN

Labor & Delivery
MORTON PLANT MEASE BayCare Health System (FL)
Dunedin, Florida
United States

I was admitted to the hospital due to the premature rupture of my membranes. My "birth plan" was to have my baby naturally, but due to a failure to progress, I needed to be induced. According to my doctor, because of the potential for infection, the baby had to be born in a time sensitive manner. After 8 hours of treacherous contractions, things were not progressing and I opted for an epidural. Katie thoroughly explained every step in the process, easing my anxiety and fears and those of my family. She carefully explained the role of Pitocin and the safety of its use. After receiving the epidural, my blood pressure dropped to 50/30. My husband and I were again filled with fear, especially as the baby's stats were declining as well. Katie acted quickly and took all precautions/measures to improve my blood pressure. She carefully monitored me and the baby, assuring us that, under her watch, we would be just fine. Her expertise and mindful eye made us feel much better. My blood pressure stabilized and Katie worked diligently with the medical team to make sure I received the pain management I needed while keeping me stable. Katie assured me that she would be by my side to keep us safe. She updated my family and helped alleviate their stress. Mind you, this was my first baby and my parent's first grandchild. Katie treated us like family. Her compassion and kindness made our scary situation one hundred times more bearable. Though Katie did not help in our delivery, she definitely played a huge role in the safe delivery of our precious gift of life.

Katie was amazing and will always have a special place in my family's heart. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your nursing skills and compassion for your patients is exceptional!

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