Kathy Sawyer

Kathy Sawyer, RN

med/surg observation
Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

I realize this letter is written nearly a year after my stay at Methodist Hospital, but this should also indicate what outstanding care I received from the nurse on duty with me, that I would still be writing this far out. I had my gallbladder removed on 5-14-10. It was due to be an outpatient surgery, but my surgeon indicated I could stay overnight to receive additional rest following the procedure, especially with a 3 month old at home, if I so chose to do so. My husband and I decided that evening that staying overnight would be my best option. The nurse that was on duty with me that evening was extremely helpful and kind. I was struggling to get up each time I need to use the restroom and was finding myself in great pain as I was utilizing my stomach muscles. The nurse took time with me to teach me to role to my side and get off the bed in that way. My husband brought our son in for a few minutes between him being at daycare and his parents being available after traveling from Minnesota to watch him and she welcomed our son Taylor
in and lifted my spirits with the kind words she spoke of him. She was always on time with my pain medications and was extremely thorough in explaining how my care would need to continue at home when I had questions about it. She helped me countless times to and from the bathroom, when my husband (who also stayed in the hospital) wouldn't wake up to assist me there. Most of all, she had the best attitude and patient-first attitude that I have seen from a nurse. Just having been in the hospital previously with the birth of my child and his two-week stay in the NICU on the 3rd floor, I had seen several nurses as of recently and none could compare to this kind of care she presented. When I woke up in the morning, it was time to be discharged and another nurse took care of my departure. I asked her to write down the name of the nurse that I had during the night, and I cannot recall whether this didn't get put into my paper work or if I simply misplaced it. I was hoping to find it, so I could send her a thank ou note and a word of encouragement that her kindness will stay in my memory for a long time to come. If
whoever may be reading this would so kindly, pull up my record to see which nurse was on duty overnight, and let her know what a difference she makes in those she cares for, it would be much appreciated. As a teacher, I know much of our work goes unnoticed, and I would think the same of those who chose the field of nursing. But just this once, I want her to know that what she did, did not go unnoticed and that even today, I'm still very appreciative of the care that she gave me.

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