Karen Mills

Karen Mills, RN

Carolinas Medical Center - NorthEast
Concord, North Carolina
United States

Karen was the absolute epitome of an exemplary and excellent nurse. I came to the hospital believing I had a minor problem that turned out to be a potentially life threatening one and by the time I was her patient my nerves were raw, I was in great physical pain, exhausted and I was wary of new staff. Karen immediately eased my fears with her sweet demeanor, thorough questions and kind nature. Karen responded to my calls very promptly if not instantly and kept me well informed about what was happening and why. She exhibited a sincere sympathy for all that I'd been through and even helped me handle desperately missing my 4 month old baby that I could not see.

There are some things you can't describe with words and the calm, peaceful feeling I had each shift she was there is one of those things. I

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