Jaymi Miller

Jaymi Miller, LPN

Allegiance Home Health
Allegiance Health
Jackson, Michigan
United States

When I came home from the hospital, I needed a visiting nurse to do my very complicated, very specific dressing changes. Jaymi Miller soon became my primary nurse, and she put me at ease immediately. She has a very friendly demeanor, and is always smiling. She asks detailed questions, and welcomed our opinions. She does everything with the gentlest touch, yet she's very efficient and knowledgeable. She always schedules to my preference, and makes sure she knows when my doctor appointments are. On the next visit, she asks how things went. And she always makes sure to explain things to me and say how she thinks I'm progressing. Her goal is to always provide the best health care possible for me. Even when other nurses sub, she makes sure to leave detailed notes for them.

I was nervous about nurses coming in, but now, I look forward to Jaymi's visits. She helps me heal and makes me smile!

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