Janice Matteson

Janice Matteson

Janice Matteson, RN

Orthopedics, Case Management
Good Shepherd Medical Center - Longview & Marshall
Longview, Texas
United States

Anetra Page, RN, Ann Brown, RN, Brandi Harte, RN, Janice Matteson, RN

“There had been a homeless patient on Ortho who was the victim of an assault. Shaundra Jones, SW helped her identify a safe place to discharge to that was out of state; however, she had no way to get there. Dr. Stanley donated money to buy two bus tickets so she could prop her leg up during the long ride. Many of the staff members brought numerous items for her to use on her trip, so SW could use the money left from purchasing the bus tickets to buy her medications. Anetra brought her a backpack and filled it with clothing, bottled water, snacks, and toiletries. Janice brought her tennis shoes, socks, snacks, and more toiletries. Ann brought her snacks and juice boxes. Brandi brought her clothes, snacks, and pepper spray because she was worried about being in the Dallas bus station during the middle of the night. Shaundra obtained a walker for her to take with her. The patient was very grateful and even called us the day after she discharged to let us know she made it to her destination safely.”

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