Janet Pruzzo

Janet Pruzzo

Janet Pruzzo, RN

Short Stay Unit
Oakwood Healthcare System
Dearborn, Michigan
United States

Janet is a dedicated, and compassionate nurse. She is an excellent team player who will jump into action at a moment's notice. She often exceeds patients expectations with her outstanding clinical skills and her calm, caring presences. She has taken on the roll of leadership for our sunshine committee and is a representative in our Unit Council. She routinely seeks out solutions to problems and shares those solutions with the entire team. She truly is a pleasure to work with and an asset to SSU as well as OH-D.


Janet was caring for an elderly patient and the patient wanted to know what color her gown was that she was wearing. Janet told her that her gown was green. The patient became very upset wanting the gown removed immediately, because she was superstitious for the color green and did not want to wear it. Janet searched the linen carts in SSU, called several floors, called CSS in search of a blue gown for this patient. Janet was finally able to retrieve a blue gown for the patient after a hour long search and the patient was very grateful. Later that same day Janet was passing medications to this same patient and the patient became upset again that the medication she was taking her looked different than the medication she was taking at the nursing home. Janet retrieved a list of all the medication she was taking at the nursing home to share with the patient. Janet took this a step further and printed a picture of all the medications (each individual pill) so that her patient could compare the picture to what she was taking. This created a great experience for this elderly patient who felt she was taken care of safely by a nurse who listened and provided her a great sense of security.

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