Helen Bauer-McMahon

Helen Bauer-McMahon, RN

Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa, California
United States

Helen is one of the sweetest most compassionate and caring nurses I have ever worked with. She does all her work with a smile then helps out anyone in need. She is the first to offer encouragement to a fellow nurse when they are having a hard time. Helen goes out of her way to help the parents bond with their NICU babies. She is a DAISY nurse all the way. I am so privileged to be able to work with her.

She is very caring not only to her tiny patients and their family but also her fellow nurses. As a new nurse to the NICU she is the best role model and is always sharing her knowledge in a supportive way. We love working with her.

She is compassionate and caring. She is very sensitive to patient's needs and finds way to alleviate parent's fears and worries. She is honest and truthful in all means and very consistent with what she does; very reliable and gives skillful patient care, excellent teamwork and helping others when busy.

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