Hannah Littlejohn

Hannah Littlejohn, RN

Labor and Delivery
Kettering Health: Kettering MC, Sycamore MC, Kettering Behavioral MC
Kettering, Ohio
United States

I was admitted for induction with my son at 39 weeks. Upon arrival at Labor and Delivery I was greeted by my RN, Hannah. Due to my pregnancy being high risk, and all the complications I had throughout, my husband and I were nervous and on edge already. Hannah took us to our room and began to get us settled. She was extremely kind, and took the time to explain things to my husband and me. Never once did Hannah make us feel like we were a burden to her. She treated us with kindness and went above and beyond with taking care of us.

Once settled in bed, Hannah asked us to be a part of the new "testing" of the Monica system to track contractions and fetal heart rate. She was very thorough in explaining the equipment and knowledgeable about the product. After I was hooked up, unknown to us, I was contracting more than I thought. Hannah was extremely helpful in explaining to us why my induction would go differently than expected. Of course now we were more nervous, but she made sure to explain everything and keep us informed. Hannah checked on me and my progression every thirty minutes to an hour, and that kept us well informed. When it was time to push, Hannah went above and beyond to support me and to help me though my delivery. The baby's position made it hard for me to push. She was extremely caring, kind and extremely motivational to me. She was an amazing coach through it all. I would not have wanted a different nurse, coach or motivator by my side. We are ever so thankful, and feel more than blessed to have Hannah as our nurse.

After my delivery, it was shift change and Hannah did not leave that morning until our little family was taken care of. Hannah is the definition of what it means to be an RN. If anyone deserves this award, it is her!

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