Erin Wevers

Erin Wevers, RN

Altru Health System
Grand Forks, North Dakota
United States

Erin was my labor nurse when I gave birth to my son who died in utero from a cystic hygoma, a severe birth defect. I am a NICU nurse who works with Erin in high risk deliveries. I told her one day a couple of years ago, after we attended a delivery together, “I want you to be my labor nurse when I have kids”, because of how soothing and comforting she was to this mother while she tried to give birth without any pain meds. Erin told me that day, “Honey, I’d come in on my day off”.
As I waited to get another ultrasound the day I received the news about the birth defect, I thought about who I wanted to talk to that day about this difficult experience. Erin came to mind because 2 of her 3 children had bad news on ultrasounds and now they are healthy children. As I walked out of the ultrasound, Erin was there with her daughter to get an X-Ray and I wept on her shoulder.
The next week I found out my son had passed away and labor was induced. Erin came in on her day off for the delivery. She was amazing. She was so compassionate and comforting. She had all the right works. She was my angel, guiding me through this difficult time. She took beautiful photos of my son that I will always treasure. I can’t thank her enough for being there for me in a way no one else could!

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